June - September 2016

Busbud Emails

Busbud needed to refresh its email strategy on how and when it communicated with its users.

Emails are an interesting problem. On one hand you have a world of restrictions but on the other, the boundaries forces you to be creative and keep things simple.

Email's design faces a whole new set of problems, be it responsiveness, clarity, fidelity and usefulness. It's hard to make good emails.


The first part of the experience is to figure out when the emails should come and what the content should be. Obviously, Busbud's interest in emails was very much driven by business value. Repeat purchase, conversion and satisfaction. We settled on creating 3 categories of emails:

1 - Transactional: purchase related emails such as the busbud tickets and payment confirmation.

2 - Promotional: Promotions geared around your purchases and data points on the users

3 - Content: Emails around travel stories and tips.

After weeks of iterations and testing there one was clear conclusion, the output needed to be kept dead simple. Each email was designed to follow a simple pattern:

  • Light illustration to set the tone of the email and at a glance, give an idea of what it was about.
  • A very large, straight to the point title to grab the attention.
  • A short and descriptive

This way, it remains appealing, compatible with all clients and fully responsive.

Here is a few of the emails: