Sept - Oct 2017

Rachel's style profile

From Rachel is an e-commerce business allowing women to shop and subscribe to monthly boxes of fashionable nylon tights. With more than 60 models, each subscriber gets a personalized selection of tights in each of their boxes based on their preferences. The project aimed to encourage customers to communicate with 'Rachel' on a frequent basis, starting with their style preferences, an essential information to select the products they will receive.

Surveys might get the job done but they do very little at building brand experience, foster communication and encourage people to re-engage.


Since many subscribers had developed the habit of talking to the company by writing directly to 'Rachel', I figured we had to opportunity to encourage it.

Based on earlier research by the team, a clear profile of 'Rachel' had already been developed, and we knew, subscribers loved her for her advice and personality. If we managed to create a more personal interaction with the character, would they be interested enough to seek to opportunity to interact with her on a regular basis?

That's what I set out to try, and the style profile is the first experiment to figure out which kind of interaction with 'Rachel' genuinely provides value for both the customer and the company.


The focus was put on 2 specific aspects:

  • Implement a simple, intuitive and 'fun' input method to interact with 'Rachel'.
  • Balance the focus between Rachel (the conversation) and the visual content.

That balance was especially important to strike because after all, 'Rachel' is not the value, it's the tights. Fostering a sense of excitement over their next box is the underlying objective.

In contrast with other conversational UI, talking with 'Rachel' is primarily turned into a visual experience by making use of large visuals. Side scrolling allows to browse the choices, the visuals can remain large, but also maintain the context of the conversation. The input section is also contained within a different background color to shift the focus away from the conversation towards the visual content.

To try the style profile, you will have to create and account at and click on the 'style profile' button in your account or in the welcome email. Here is a gif of the interactions with Rachel's.